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What We Do – Everything you need to make your landscaping dreams come true

Landscape Design

Greater Scapes believes that the root of your landscaping success starts with strong ideas and architecture. Our professional designs assist you to envision your landscape and make changes before the first shovel ever drops.

Water Features

We love waterfalls and ponds! A custom water feature is unique and adds a relaxing character to your landscape. Greater Scapes can install any size waterfall to enhance your landscaping project.


Landscape lighting is an essential element to enjoying your landscaping any time of the day or night. Greater Scapes can add walkway lighting, spotlights, or ambient lighting to your yard or garden to attain that perfect ambiance.


Proper planning and installation of your landscaping is one of the biggest keys to maximizing the life of your landscaping project. Greater Scapes takes great pride in the quality of our installations. 


We can design and install a beautiful walkway for you. Walkways can be small and inconveniently placed. Diverging from normal walkway layouts, we can install a beautiful and functional walkway to suit your needs.


When it comes to flowers, trees, or anything in between, Greater Scapes can procure and plant it for you. And while mulch isn’t really planted, we can install or revive your landscape mulch.

Landscape Accessories

Custom arbors, benches, pavilions, fire pits, walkway railings, and water feature bridges are some of our most popular offerings. Greater Scapes can provide the perfect accessory to compliment your landscaping.

Retaining Walls

In the mountains of Western North Carolina, some kind of retaining wall is almost inevitable. Greater Scapes can provide a stable, yet beautiful unique wall to your landscape.

Grading Services

We love moving dirt almost as much as we love waterfalls! We’ll gladly dig, trench, grade, or move large and heavy objects (like rocks or logs) for you. Did we mention that we can clear brush really quickly with these machines?

Ready to create the outdoor space of your dreams? Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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